Saturday, February 20, 2010

Studio Sunday 20

Hi Sassy Sistahs! It's me, Gini, and I'm hosting today's Studio Sunday. There are so many specialty papers on the market, and often, I don't have the time to experiment with them. But today, we are using temporary tattoo paper to make some Sassy Ink! I used the Temporary Tattoo Kit from Papilio Inkjet Media.

The first thing you will want to do is pick a Sassy image. I tried two different ones. I used the Big Heart, that I colored using Photoshop Elements, and then I also used the Frog Prince, as just an outline, that had not been colored.

I scaled my images down to the size I wanted the tattoos to be, and then printed them on the paper, making sure it printed to the glossy side. If you add any words to your tattoo, you will want to print a mirror image so that your design will not be backwards! You can fill up your page with images (which would be great if you were making party favors!) or you can cut your paper smaller to print, like I did.

Let your paper dry for 10 minutes. I then rough cut the paper, but I think it would work better, to trim your image now, rather than later - just leave a small border around your image. Next, pour a small amount of liquid adhesive over the image. (This comes out really think, and is pretty strong smelling - so work in a well ventilated area). Let this puddle sit for a few seconds, and then carefully, start spreading it out, evenly with a small cosmetic sponge. If there is any extra, just brush it off the side, onto some scrap cardboard. Let this dry at least 8 hours, or overnight.

Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Position your tattoo where you would like it, and press the sticky side to your skin. Press and hold firmly for one minute. Make sure your skin has a good contact for the entire tattoo.

Wet a washcloth with warm water, and thoroughly wet the back of the tattoo. As the water soaks in, you will see your design emerge. The water will dissolve the adhesive allowing you to slide the tattoo paper away, leaving some Sassiness on your skin. (You can easily remove the tattoo with baby oil).

We would love to have you play along with us in this tutorial. Rules are simple, use this technique, and an SSD image of your choice. Head over to the SSD blog and Use Mr. Linky to upload your projects and you’ll have a chance to win a dollar deal image of your choice. Have fun, be sassy, and we can’t wait to see what you create! Don’t forget you only have until Saturday February 27th.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

this is absolutely awesome!

Gina said...

I never knew such paper existed! What a great idea, TFS!!

Killam Creative said...

Very cool, Gini!