Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Urban Angel

I was challenged to create a canvas in honor of breast cancer awareness -.  I decided to focus on the color pink and an create an urban angel of hope.

 I looked through magazines and found an image I wanted to work with - and cut out the figure, and lightly marked off the area where she would be placed on my canvas (so as not to paint that spot with the pink)
I added some dictionary pages and my magazine clipping, and painted over the image with clear gesso.  Then I used the existing image as a guide to paint over.  I also turned the printed paper into wings, by just sketching around them with a Stabilo pencil.

 I traced over the lines of the wings with the Dimensional Crystal and added some stencilled patterns using modeling paste.

After the modeling paste was dry, I placed the stencil back in place and painted over the raised design with AA paints.
My pink background seemed too over powering, so I brushed on some gesso, and then blue.  I added a die cut crown and bird to finish up this canvas.

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Donna Ellis said...

Gini, this is incredible! Thank you for sharing the process, too. hugs, de