Friday, August 22, 2014

Gilded Life - Silk Ruffle Bracelet

Alright, so here is project #5 - my entry for A Gilded Life/Spellbinders contest in the jewelry category.  I guess it pays to be a bit of a packrat, because I had the perfect metal bangle bracelet to use for the base of this piece.  I altered the Love Wings Pendant by painting it with Looking Glass paint, and then highlighting the raised areas with black paint.  I also add the cross from the relics pack to the center.  I used two of May Arts Ribbons new colors of silk ribbon, and just gathered them, and added a row of May Arts rhinestones as well.

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sheila said...

I saw this over on the Spellbinders contest site and just had to comment! This is lovely....and I have never heard of the paint that you used but definetly am going to look for it now!