Friday, November 4, 2011

Amazing Mold Putty

Are you ready for some products that are going to knock your socks off? Well, I've been playing with the Amazing Mold Putty and the Amazing Clear Cast. I thought for today, I would start out showing a relatively easy project, that I hope you will want to try out. These products are so fun - and really simple to use. I've used several different techniques on my card, and I think you will start to see how you NEED these products in your studio!

First, let me explain that the mold putty is a 2 part putty - that activates once you mix the two together. You are going to want to roll a ball of the two parts together (make it a little bigger than what you are molding). Mix it until the color is consistent - and not marbled.

Next you will place your object into the ball, and shape it to come up over the edges. Don't make the outside walls of your mold too thin. I used an old earring that was nothing special, but had really nice texture, that I thought would make great flower centers.Here you can see the finished mold and the original earring. Making the mold did not damage my earring at all. Now at this point, you could mold all kinds of things - Creative Paperclay, Polymer Clay, wax, PMC, get the idea. But I love the Amazing Clear Cast! This is a clear resin (again a 2 part mixture). I decided to color my mixed resin using the Alumilite Dyes. You just need a tiny, tiny amount. Actually, I just dipped a skewer in the dyes, and mixed it in. I also thought it would be fun to add a little bit of glass glitter, so that got stirred into the mix as well.

Although, I thought I was only mixing up a little bit of the resin, it made quite a bit - so I started filling up other molds as well! I had a plastic leaf candy mold, and filled that up to make the leaf for my flower. I added some Gold Smooch to my veins after everything was set. The Smooch adhered great to the resin. So, I painted several colors of the Smooch on my flower center too, to give it some variation.

I stamped my flower petals with a small medallion from Inspired by Stamping's French Boutique. I think it's really fun to create flowers with something that wasn't meant for that purpose. The center of the flower (below my rope earring resin), was stamped from another Inspired by Stamping set - Delicate Doilies. Don't you love that dimensional leaf peaking out from the showy flower?

I hope I've inspired you to give these products a try! Once you start looking around your house, you won't believe how many things you will want to mold!


Carole Lassak said...

Great project. Love the dimension that the cast pieces add to your card.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is amazing! I love the mold and then I scrolled all the way down and read how you used that stamp set! You are sooo creative!!! Wow!!!