Monday, November 7, 2011

Round Woven Covered Basket Tutorial for Scor-Pal

It's time for another challenge from the Design Team at Scor-Pal! It's probably pretty easy to guess - but we want to see your best Thankful projects. For me, Christmas is always sparkly and shiny, but Thanksgiving always conjures up more rustic and homespun ideas. So with that in mind, I designed a woven basket, that reminds me of all of the apple baskets I see around my hometown. I hope you enjoy it!

Round Woven Covered Basket Tutorial


(8) strips of paper 12” x ¾” for base color (red dots)

(8) strips of paper 12” x ½” in contrast color for weaving (yellow swirl)

(2) 4 ½” circles (one for the box top, one to line the inside of the box)

(3) strips of paper 12” x 1 ½” in contrast color, and use decorative punch along edge

Take the 12” x ¾” papers, and using your Scor-pal, score them at 4”, 6 3/8”, 8”. Flip the strip over from right to left, and score at the 6 3/8” mark.

The two score marks in the center of each strip, are going to be where you line up each pair of strip to glue, using your Scor-tape.

Do this for all of the 3/4 " strips, so you will end up with 4 crosses. Attach them all together in a star pattern as shown, to form the bottom of the basket.

Add Scor-tape right above the outer scored lines, on every other spoke - making sure to start with an inner spoke.

Begin weaving your yellow strips of paper (over, under, over...) and use the Scor-tape to hold the strips in place. Your paper will not be long enough to make a complete round, so you will need to add part of a strip to the end. Just make sure you add while you are on the inside, so it won't show. In my sample, I started weaving with a smaller strip, and decided I didn't like it - so I would suggest using all 1/2" strips. On each round, you will have to add some length to your strip to make it all the way around. Always try to do this on an inside pass, so your seam will not show.

Continue weaving to almost the top of the basket. You will have better results if you always add some Scor-tape on the inner spokes to hold the yellow strips where you want them. Leave enough ends of the spokes to turn under to the inside,to finish off the basket neatly (attaching with Scor-tape).

To make the lid, cut a 4 1/2" circle, and decorate it as you wish. I used the Cornucopia die from CottageCutz for mine.Take your strips with the punched edges, and score 1/2" down the length. Cut tabs about every 1/2". This way you can glue it, one tab at a time to the circle base. Your 12" strip will not be long enough, so again, you will have to add some length to it. Always try to do this as inconspicuously as possible.

After my lid was basically together, I added red grosgrain ribbon on the edge, and a couple of bows. This is quite handy if you need to hide a seam. I added a matching border at the bottom.

Don't you think this would make a great decoration for Thanksgiving?


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Beautiful Gini!, love the tutorial.TFS

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oh this is lovely Gini.

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Oh my gosh! This is amazing!