Monday, July 9, 2012

Build-A-Box with Scor-Pal and Really Reasonable Ribbon

Today I will be sharing my project that was featured on the Scor-pal blog as part of this week's Scor-pal and Really Reasonable Ribbon blog week. Of course, if you missed this project or any of the other great projects from the Scor-pal team you'll want to hop on over there and see what's been going on this week. Be sure to leave comments on each post from this week for a chance to win some great prizes. Entry deadline in 8am Monday, July 16, so there's still time.

This week Scor-pal has teamed up with the DT from Really Reasonable Ribbons - so I hope you will enjoy all of the inspiration we have to share! I love all of the Printer's Tray type boxes that are so popular right now, and thought I would show you how to build your own using your Scor-pal and Scor-tape.

The trick that I found for creating my Build-A-Box is to use an existing box as your template.  As you make each mini box, you will line it up using the template as your guide to keep everything squared.  This box had an inside measurement of 12.5" x 12.5" x 2".  I decided to keep the 2" depth for my boxes.

Just like working a puzzle, I planned how big I wanted each of my boxes, and arranged them in a pleasing manner.  In the example shown above, my patterned paper was 8" x 5".  I added 2" to each side of the cardstock - so it was 12" x 9".  I scored the cardstock with a 2" border all around (In other words, with the long side along the top gate, score at 2" and 10".  Turn a quarter turn and score at 2" and 7").  Cut tabs by cutting each of the horizontal folds, just even with the vertical fold.

Add patterned paper for the inside of each box, then use Score-Tape to glue the tabs and form your box.

Continue building boxes, and lining them up in the template box.  As you build the puzzle, secure the pieces together with Scor-tape. After all sections are built and connected, remove from the base box.  You are now ready to embellish.

I bought a child's flip flop and covered it with patterned paper.  I cut a circle from a Scor-Tape sheet and used that to form a rosette using May Arts Ribbon - Sheer Box Pleats (Parrot Green). I removed the paper backing and attached the ribbon in a circular pattern to form my flower.

I used the Sheer Organza Satin Center (Turquoise) to add some little banners to my Relax square.

To cover the seams of my boxes, I lined them with ribbons.  The Satin/Grosgrain Double Band Coral worked very well. because it was easy to tell where to fold the ribbon in half. The Scor-tape made it super easy to attach.

I hope you will give this a try - and have fun collecting all of your trinkets!

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