Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Times With You

Hi! I've got a mixed media layout to share with you today - and it really goes to show how easy it is to introduce mixed media techniques into your everyday projects. I've used Art Anthology Colorations mists and the Sorbet  and Velvet dimensional paints.

Here, you get a glimpse of techniques -mists were used to distress the edges of the papers, a wooden butterfly  has been embossed and misted, resist papers  have been colored with spray, and stenciled texture paste has been sponged with the Colorations.

Here is a close-up of the wooden butterfly.  It was misted first, then embossed, and then misted again.  It really creates a ton of texture.

This piece of paper was stamped, then a stencil was laid over the top, and texture paste was applied.  After it was completely dry, the Colorations were sponged on.  You will also notice that the photo has been rubbed down along the edges with the Velvet paint.(I just finger painted this on).

Finally, I added highlights to this silk flower by brushing on the Sorbet paint.  It really added some highlights to the flower, as well as drawing in the main colors of the layout.

I hope you give some of these quick and easy techniques a go.  I will be back on the Art Anthology Blog on January 25 with a really fun video to create a faux mosaic background.

Sorbet - Viridian
Velvet- Aloha Zva Creative
Orange Crystals CRW-03CB-146
Large Crystals CRW-05CA-169
Large Flower FL-04CA-107
Small Bling Flourish  CR-07CA-121
Bling Flourish CRB-07CA-108
Small Pearl Flourish CRW-07CA113
Pink Paislee
Hope Chest Patterned Paper
  Damask, Crackle
 Blooms One,  Blooms Three
Susan Lenart Kazmer
Iced Enamels  Relique Chartreuse
Mega Runner, Teresa Collins Foam Adhesives

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LauraB said...

Love the paint on the photo! Had no idea that there was a safe product. Thank you for so much inspiration!